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Ah yeah, time to open the Licorice Pizza mailbox again. I want to thank the bands and/or their representatives who send me music. It allows not only me to check out some new stuff, but also allows me to spread the love around a little.

Nah Keyesi.mp3
From the quiet capitol of North Carolina, Annuals are as close as possible to being a family without sharing the same DNA. Long-time friends Adam Baker (singer/songwriter), Kenny Florence (guitar), and Mike Robinson (bass) have been in bands together since they were children. In the last few years, Zack Oden (drums/guitar), Anna Spence (piano/synth), and Nick Radford (drums), no one over the age of 22, have joined the vast lineup.
As young as they are, Annuals draws influences from a diverse range of artists such as Mike Patton, Brian Wilson, Paul Simon, Radiohead, the Beatles, Hank Williams Sr., Bjork and Aphex Twin. The mixing of styles, from electronic to folk to rock results in a totally singular sound.
Louis XIV
Guilt by Association.mp3
On Jan. 29, 2008, Louis XIV will release their second full-length album Slick Dogs and Ponies on Atlantic Records. It's been almost three years since their debut The Best Little Secrets Are Kept, and on their self-produced follow-up the San Diego quartet explore new sonic terrain. The lush, grandiose collection includes string arrangements by world-renowned composer David Campbell (as in Beck's dad...I know, right??). What results is a record that demonstrates a devotion to artistic growth, blending classical sensibility with their rock and roll roots.
The debut single, "Guilt By Association", is an example of classic Louis XIV neo-glam: catchy, playful taunts over a scratchy dance-punk track, declaring, “You don't have to do the crime to serve the time.” It's not all vintage Louis XIV, however. As front man Jason Hill explains, “The minute people think they have you pegged, you have to try something new.”
Gettin’ Angry.mp3
A few years ago, Aaron, John, Bobby, and Charlie promised each other to become this rock band, write great songs and make as much as possible, and do not deviate from this plan, even though their home state of Idaho had no shortage of new rok-geroev. Now for their lovely tunes, while referring to the experiments captain Bifharta and skillful song Queen finally found a publisher, and now Nurses difiance what “today” think teams may seem shoddy. [sic]
Say Hi
Northwestern Girls.mp3
It doesn’t take too many spins to hear that something very different is happening on The Wishes And The Glitch, the fifth record from Say Hi principle Eric Elbogen. Yes, the dry sense of humor is never far, but gone are the persistent musings about robots and vampires, replaced here instead by a complicated mapping of the post-twenty something psyche, by the slow implosion of someone who fell out of love with everything he once held dear and who attempts to muster just enough gumption to get back and begin something fresh.
It’s among the washy guitars and jittery synths that the back story unfolds, via a voice that, once whispered, is now lifted and gut-sung. With this we learn of Elbogen’s relocation from his Brooklyn home of seven years to the faraway Seattle, Wa., and the necessary dismantling of relationships (both professional and personal) that resulted. In songs like “Northwestern Girls,” he considers in awe his new surroundings and pleads with himself to not sabotage his new life like he’s done in the past.

Please send any musical contributions to e0a8198 @ yahoo dot com. I can't guarantee any band I post will become megastars, but I can promise if I like it I'll post it.

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