Street Poetry

If you’ll think back (or click back) several months or so ago, I posted a bunch of solo stuff from the various members of Hanoi Rocks.

I mentioned that Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy had reformed the band and released a couple of albums, but I didn’t seem to know much else. To fill in the gaps, here’s some history from the Hanoi Rocks Web site:
Having not really been in any contact with each other for some time, the founding members Andy and Michael met at a release party for a Hanoi Rocks 4-cd box set in early spring 2001. After having fun that night, jamming at a club together, the two started keeping in contact again and eventually ended up playing a couple of festival gigs together under the moniker Hanoi Revisited. Since the summer shows were fun and the old energy was back, the pair booked some studio time and tried their hand at writing together after an over 15 year break. From the word go it was obvious the magic was still there. The stuff they'd recorded was too good not to be released and after a lot of pondering and since any other moniker under which to release it would have been pretentious and just plain stupid, the EP People Like Me was released by Hanoi Rocks. The legend was reborn.

After the EP, Hanoi Rocks released
12 Shots On The Rocks an album that went gold in their native Finland and opened a lot of doors all over the world. After having undergone some changes in their personnel, Hanoi Rocks in the spring 2005 not only presented a new album Another Hostile Takeover but also the new guitarist Conny Bloom and the new bass player Andy “A.C.” Christell. Along with the drummer Lacu the band's chemistry had now finally locked perfectly into place. [sic]
Earlier this year, Hanoi Rocks released Street Poetry in Europe and Japan. The album is due to be released Stateside in February 2008, if I recall correctly. Tonight’s post is “Fashion,” the first single from Street Poetry, along with the B-side, which is not one of the tracks expected to be on the album.

Trouble Boys.mp3

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