Metallica at the Bridge Benefit

I’ve been sitting on this live Metallica for a while now. Don’t ask me why – I find something, think it’d be cool to have or to maybe post later, then it gets put on a back burner and I forget about it.

In this case, maybe it worked out for the best because, as it turns out, this recording is available commercially and the last thing I need is Lars kicking down my door for giving away his music.

I’m speaking of Metallica’s set earlier this year at Bridge Benefit XXI. The band is selling recordings of their October 27 and 28 shows at the annual benefit concert. The money they make from sales goes back to the Bridge School, not to line their pockets or those of greedy record company executives.

That being said, I’ll preview you a couple of songs, then encourage you to visit livemetallica.com, where you can purchase both nights’ performances, along with several other recent Metallica shows. There are also some older recordings you can have for free.

In case you don’t know (and if you’re a music fan, there’s no real reason you shouldn’t), The Bridge School Benefit is an annual non-profit charity concert held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, Calif., every October. Neil Young and his wife, Pegi, organize the shows each year. Proceeds benefit the Bridge School, which assists mentally and physically handicapped children.

October 27 setlist:
I Just Want to Celebrate (Rare Earth cover).mp3
Please Don't Judas Me
Only Happy When it Rains (Garbage cover).mp3
Brothers In Arms
Disposable Heroes
All Within My Hands.mp3 (from St. Anger. This is the first time this song was ever performed live.)
Turn the Page
Nothing Else Matters

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