Voted Off in a Blaze of Glory

I’ll tell you straight from the git-go: This is gonna be an off-the-wall sorta post.

Now that we’ve got that clear, I'll make a smooth transition and not admit to watching American Idol. I do know, though, Jon Bon Jovi was on the show last night and I imagine he’s on the Results show tonight. I’ll be the first to admit that, although I haven’t been much of a Bon Jovi fan since Slippery When Wet, I had to express some surprise. Jon Bon Jovi and The General End of Music As We Know It? I didn’t get it.

With a little detective work, I found the connection, and I’m going to share the fruits of my labor here tonight.

Way back in 1990, Jon Bon released his first solo effort: Blaze of Glory, which included music from and inspired by the movie Young Guns II. (Trivia note: Bon Jovi also had a small, uncredited role as “Pit Inmate Shot Back into Pit.” Porn legend Ginger Lynn also had a small, albeit credited, part as “Dove”.)

Here’s where the connection comes in. Who’s playing bass all over Blaze of Glory? None other than Randy “Love Man” Jackson, erstwhile Journey bassman and current American Idol judge (“You sounded a little pitchy tonight, dawg.”) Coincidence? You tell me.

Actually, Jackson was a much-in-demand session musician and producer before he became leader of the Dawg Pound on Idol. He’s worked with artists ranging from Mariah Carey (he was in her band at Live 8 in London in 2005) to Céline Dion, Bruce Springsteen, and Madonna (he played bass on "Like a Prayer").

Not just the Love Man appeared on Blaze of Glory, but high profile guests such as Elton John, Aldo Nova, Little Richard, and Jeff Beck, among others. The album fared well commercially and received positive reviews, going platinum. The title track, "Blaze of Glory,” earned Jon an Academy Award nomination for Best Song. While he didn’t get an Oscar, he did get a Golden Globe for the performance.

I told you this was going to be a strange sort of post -- anything inspired by American Idol is not going to be normal. The song “Blaze of Glory” has been stuck in my head since I saw Phil sing... ahem, I mean since I heard about that bald kid singing it last night. I’ve also included something not covered on Idol; a bluesy tune called “You Really Got Me Now,” featuring Little Richard on piano and sharing vocals with Jon Bon Jovi.

Blaze of Glory.mp3
You Really Got Me Now.mp3


At 5:13 PM , Blogger Steve said...

Since you didn't (ahem) watch AI, you missed Randy shamelessly plug himself...I cringed...well, I would have cringed if I (ahem) had watched it myself.

Also, I (ahem) hear that Jon Bon played a pretty cool song last night. They can still bring it all these years later!

(Not that I watched...)


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