No music today, just a quick note.

I've had a handful of people e-mail me with requests for reposts of various things. My whole vinyl-ripping thing involves two computers. I save the vinyl on my other, older computer because it has the software I use to convert the files. Once I post it, I usually delete it from my laptop so as to not take up space. A couple megs isn't much, but it adds up, along with all the other stuff on here. I feel like a packrat sometimes, alwys saving stuff because I might use/need it later. Next time I'm on that computer, I'll see if those files are still there and try to get them posted again. Also, I changed hosts a few months back, so the files stored there are gone.

As far as reposting things not from vinyl, I'll do what I can. Be patient and I'll try to get to it soon!

thanks, everyone!
See you tomorrow for Saturday Boxing.



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