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Firstly, I need to mention that I got an e-mail about yesterday’s Guns N’ Roses post. Reader ThinSafetyPin let me know these tracks are probably a compilation of cleaned-up live performances. That makes sense and would explain the muddy vocals. There are places where you can hear applause, but it was mixed in such a way that it didn’t sound like a typical live performance. Anyway, the excitement in Apt. 104 about the “leak” is over and I’ll go back to waiting for the real release.

Moving on.

And moving back to the vinyl that is my primary mission. The Vandals formed in 1980 in Huntington Beach, CA. (See how this all goes back to the punk rock I loved as a teenager?) Their first few years as a band, they released singles, EPs, and showed up on various compilations and soundtracks. It wasn’t until 1984 that they released their first full-length LP, When In Rome, Do as the Vandals.

It would be another five years before they released their second LP (the source for today’s posts), Slippery When Ill. With this album, the band fused country-western with their previous punk rock for a sound they called “cow punk.” The style confused many of their fans and the album would remain in obscurity until its 1999 rerelease as The Vandals Play Really Bad Original Country Tunes.

The band has gone through several lineups, with bassist/drummer Joe Escalante being the only consistent member. Slippery When Ill was the first to feature Dave Quackenbush as singer, a position he still retains.

Clowns are Experts (at making us laugh).mp3
Shi’ite Punk.mp3

If you go to the Vandals’ Web site, there is a link to Kung Fu Records where you can check out MP3s from some of the other cool-ass bands on that label. Also check out the Vandals’ MySpace space for more Vandals music and tour info.


At 12:17 PM , Blogger Nazz Nomad said...

great site-
I love the Vandals...one of THE great Punk Bands. They never forgot that Punk = attitude, humor AND great music.

Bleedin' Out

ps- i added you to my blogroll. hope you'll do the same


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