Cure Me... or Kill Me

One of my very awesome readers hooked me up with the new Gilby Clarke release, the eponymously titled Gilby Clarke. The disk, out on Spitfire Records, is sort of a greatest hits, odds-and-sods type deal, featuring songs dating back to Gilby’s 1994 debut solo album, Pawnshop Guitars, and including a rerecording of “Black,” with Rockstar: Supernova runner-up Dilana Robichaux on vocals.

Like everyone else, I was worried that the glossy made-for-TV Rockstar: Supernova band would be the end of credibility not just for Gilby, but for everyone else involved. Where his career goes from here is anyone’s guess, but I can tell you that this album contains all the musical elements I need: messy, Stonesy, would-sound-good-in-a-bar sorta rock and roll.

A brief Gilby bio: Other than Rockstar: Supernova, he’s probably best known as the guy who replaced Izzy in Guns ‘n’ Roses. He was with the Gunners for three years, before Axl fired him in 1994. Over the next decade, Gilby released a handful of solo albums and appeared on albums by Slash and LA Guns. He is currently dividing his time producing a song for Dilana’s upcoming album and touring with Rockstar Supernova.

I’ve got a handful of concert dates for Gilby. I think these are with Rockstar Supernova, but I don’t know for sure. Check your local listings, as they say.

Feb. 18 - Everett, WA: Everett Events Center
Feb. 19 - Vancouver, BC: Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Feb. 21 - Sacramento, CA: ARCO Arena
Feb. 22 - Oakland, CA: Oakland Arena
Feb. 24 - Phoenix, AZ: Cricket Pavilion
Feb. 25 - San Diego, CA: Pala Casino
Feb. 27 - Long Beach, CA: Long Beach Arena

As a sample of what’s on Gilby’s new disk, and what his solo music is about, I picked a bluesier song and a harder song, which should be a fair representation.

Cure Me... or Kill Me.mp3
Skin n’ Bones.mp3

For more information about Gilby, the tour, Rockstar Supernova, or to get Gilby swag, you can can check out his dotcom or his MySpace space. There’s music samples at his MySpace, as well as Gilby’s cool-ass friends like Wayne Kramer.


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Cure me is a great tune.


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