South By Due East, Part II

Last full day and night in Texas before I head home tomorrow. While I’m here, I need to note that the men’s basketball team from my alma mater, Texas A&M, is playing in the Sweet 16 tourney for the first time in 27 years. Tune in, listen in, do what ya gotta do, but catch the game tomorrow night (tip-off at 7:27 pm eastern) and GO AGS!

moving on...

I’ve got a few more things today from South By Due East, the 2006 version. The first track is by a band called deSangre. They’ve been playing together since 1996, when they debuted at Houston’s 2nd Annual Spanish Rock Festival.
Borrachero.mp3 deSangre


The next track is by Don Walsh. I could not find any information about him, so I do apologize about that.
Church.mp3 Don Walsh


Collective Hallucination bill themselves as “the hardest working original band in Houston.” They claim influences ranging from Prince to INXS and will move you “from head to heart, from soul to feet, from waist to butt!”
Breathlessly Curious.mp3 Collective Hallucination


Michael Heyman is an accomplished blues and rock guitarist, in the vein of Stevie Ray Vaughn. Michael joined his first band when he was about 13. He’s been involved in a number of projects and collaboration, and released his own debut disc Heart Full of Blues, in 2005.
Let Me Love You Again.mp3 Michael Heyman


Lastly, but not leastly, is From Tha Bottom. As I mentioned, I did see a couple members from this collaboration at Dan Electro’s the other night. FTB consists of six members who all hail from the extended southern region: Houston, Puerto Rico, and Lake Charles, LA. According to their bio, they chose the name because of the regions they're from and it's the same place where they got their start: the bottom.
In The Country.mp3 From Tha Bottom


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