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Settled in Houston after taking the redeye out here yesterday morning, sleeping all afternoon, then celebrating Lá 'le Pádraig all night. I hit the local record stores today, after a late breakfast. I also learned there’s a SXSW “overflow” thing going on here through tomorrow, so I’m going to try to see what that’s all about.

One of the records I picked up today is by a band called Bones. They were in the local music bin, but it turns out they’re actually from Baton Rouge, LA. Bones is a two-piece band, formed by Michael Miller and Scott Campbell in 2002. “Bones mixes hard core delta blues with the attitude of punk, with a splash of stripper jazz for color,” according to their Web site.

The album today’s tracks come from, Disconnected, was recorded with engineer Fred Weaver of Apocalypse the Apocalypse Studios. "Fred has the best collection of microphones and this old 2-inch tape machine that was modern in Muddy Water's time; it was just what we were looking for," says Miller. (Side note: If you check out the Apocalypse the Apocalypse site, there is free downloadable music!) 

Bones has a couple of upcoming shows in the south, if you live in that area.

*04/20/2007 10:00 PM  -  Spanish Moon , Baton Rouge, LA  
*05/05/2007 10:00 PM  -  Two Stick, Oxford, MS

And some band reviews:
"The White Stripes and the Black Keys might be the most visible incarnations of the two-person band, grinding out sinewy, overdriven blues with minimal instrumentation, but Baton Rouge's Bones is by far the dirtiest." -Nashville Scene

"Bones comes off like a sex-crazed pit bull broken free of its leash: focused, furious, and practically unstoppable." -Antigravity Magazine (New Orleans)
Tragedy of You.mp3


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