Take A Look at the Guy

You got Slash and Axl, of course.

But Izzy Stradlin was the cool guy in the back during the heyday of Guns n’ Roses. It was Izzy and Axl who formed the band in the mid-80s. He had a reputation as the silent one in the "most dangerous band in the world.” Izzy ultimately left the band in 1991, during its “Use Your Illusion” tour, stating a variety of reasons.

By 1992, Izzy had put together a band, The JuJu Hounds, and released an album, “Izzy Stradlin and the JuJu Hounds.” The sound, to me, was very reminiscent of the Stones, especially Ron Wood. Woody would actually play on a track on Izzy’s second album, “117 Degrees.”

Since then, Izzy has, with little fanfare or promotion, released five additional albums. His last album, “Like A Dog,” was shelved for two years until a fan petition convinced Izzy to release the music via the Internet.

He’s apparently settled his differences with Axl Rose and has appeared a few times recently with the reformed Gunners. Currently, Izzy is considering issuing some previously unreleased stuff he’s been storing away, and he’s also (maybe) working on a new album.

The music I have for today is from a single Izzy released preceding the JuJu Hounds disk. Best as I can tell from perusing Izzy’s discography, these tracks weren’t released on any of the later albums. I think this might have been an import single, but I can’t really remember (it was released in 1992).

I’ve also included, “Shuffle It All,” from the JuJu Hounds album, and “14 Years,” from GnR’s “Use Your Illusion II.” I’ve added those just because I like ‘em. Do you really need another reason?

Been A Fix.mp3
Can’t Hear ‘Em.mp3
Came Unglued.mp3
Shuffle It All.mp3
14 Years.mp3

Izzy’s Web site, Chop Away, is here. It’s under construction, but there is an interview, and a video for “Hammerhead,” from the “Like A Dog” album.


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