The Roar of Drunken Thunder

In keeping with yesterday’s theme of Texas music, I figured I’d share some stuff by a Houston band called Drunken Thunder. I don’t know much about these guys, other than a couple sentences I found on some Clear Channel-sponsored site that looked a little like MySpace: “We're DRUNKEN THUNDER. We play loud and hysterical rock and roll, mostly in Texas. We've been around since 1998 and as of presstime, can't remember a damn thing. That's part of the mystery.”

I picked up a copy of their album “Cheap Acceptable Kill” at a show in Houston, where the band was giving away copies (now that’s the way to get publicity!). A short review on ShroomAngel.com sums it up well: “Drunken Thunder- ‘Cheap Acceptable Kill’ -Just what the title suggests, get drunk and kill. OK, that's not an endorsement for murder folks, it's just that this is what this music sounds like. Loud and aggressive guitar with in your face lyrics and over the top sense of humour, you can't lose with this [sic].”

The Girls of Pope bend.mp3
AA Crash.mp3
Finish Your Beer.mp3
Balls ‘cross the Nose.mp3

While I was looking for information on Drunken Thunder, I stumbled across a lot of other Houston-area thrash punk bands that sound really great. I downloaded a few songs and I’m gonna try to get some of that up soon.


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