Steve Jones - "Fire and Gasoline"

I wasn’t too sure what I ought to post today, my second-to-last day of digging around for obscurities. I heard some Izzy Stradlin last night, and thought about sharing an EP that he released just before his first solo album came out.

Then, this morning while I was eating breakfast, I was paging through the October Playboy (I buy it for the articles) and saw a profile of former Sex Pistol Steve Jones. Jonesy, as they call him, is now a DJ at Indie 103.1 in Los Angeles.

There’s nothing too deep in the article; no revelations or anything major I haven’t read elsewhere. I’d link it, but I couldn’t even find it on the magazine’s Web site . Basically, it recounts the formation of the Pistols and glances across the surface of Jones’ misadventures following the band’s breakup, then how he ended up on the air in LA. (For the record, he said a friend called and offered him the opportunity. Just so “no one comes to me a year later to give me Limp Bizkit songs to play or whatever,” he said before he agreed.)

“Fire and Gasoline” was Jonesy’s second solo album, released in 1989. Sleazegrinder.com raves:
“’FIRE AND GASOLINE’ was the one all us rabid ‘Rip Magazine’ readers were sleazed and pleezed by. It featured guest appearances from THE ULTIMATE WHO'S WHO of eighties flash metal, as both NIKKI SIXX and AXL ROSE contributed to the proceedings. ’We're Not Saints’ (more recovery jargon) became our battle cry, along with ‘Freedom Fighter’ (!!!) ‘Fire & Gasoline’, ‘God In Louisiana’, and ‘Hold On’. Our Holy Barbarians, BILLY DUFFY and IAN ASTBURY, both make their much-welcome, and inevitable, in those years, guest appearances on ‘Get Ready’ (Billy solos) and Ian sings on the hilarious come-on, ‘Leave Your Shoes On’, the whole record basically kicked ass.
“This is  the mighty STEVE JONES we're talkin' about here, with a polished band and a good producer, and the support of even that noted ass-kicker, Nikki Sixx, who got to sponge up some more anarchic street-cred. [sic]”
So that ends my quandry about what to post. I’ll put up a little Steve Jones today and maybe save the Izzy for another time.

Fire and Gasoline.mp3
I Did U No Wrong.mp3
Leave Your Shoes On.mp3
Suffragette City (David Bowie cover).mp3

Some notes on the music: "I Did U No Wrong" is, of course the Sex Pistols song. Axl Rose and the Cult's Ian Astbury join in with Steve on that song. Ian Astbury also co-wrote "Leave Your Shoes On," which is probably the closest to a ballad I've heard from a former Sex Pistol. Bassist Terry Nails served time with Tommy Tutone, and drummer Mickey Curry came on loan from Bryan Adams.


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