Blogroll Update: Stand and Be Counted

I usually just update my "Other Cool Sites" links as I feel like doing it. There's no set structure or anything. But I've found a couple of cool sites lately, so I need to add them and urge you to check them out as well.

Underneathica is a cool site not only because Jon is a regular reader of mine and has linked my page (although that never hurts!), and not only because he posts some good music, but because he is "on it like a chicken on a tugboat." And really, what else do you need in a blog?

Hate Something Beautiful's name is what attracted me at first. But they post some decent indie bands and claim to not hate everything beautiful. Included among the excluded: Adriana Lima and Scarlett Johansson.

Magnetic Mary doesn't post a lot of music (Fr'instance, her latest post involves what looks like Google-stalking someone named Danny McCormack! But her blog is fun, she loves Hanoi Rocks, she's shared some awesome music with me, and she seems like an all-around cool person.

The Timedoor blog revolves around someone or something named "Chaka" that I don't quite understand, but there is on occasion some very nice music to be found there.

So check these sites, check their sounds, and support the artists they're promoting.


At 8:22 PM , Blogger Magnetic Mary said...

Thank you so much, that was really nice! :-)
But before your readers get the wrong idea about my stalking and general addiction to the person of Danny McCormack, allow me to explain that he used to play bass in one of my top 5 favourite bands, The Wildhearts (The Wildhearts - AllMusic), and later he formed The Yo-Yo's (The Yo-Yo's - AllMusic).
Unfortunately Danny seems to spend an awful lot of time battling his heroine addiction and he's been out of the spotlight for about a year, but now he's trying to come back with a new band, very cooly named The I told you so's.

At 2:59 PM , Blogger jon manyjars said...

Thanks for the kind words (and the link!) I have to give credit to the writers for the Brak Show: it was Brak who first said, "I'm on it like a chicken on a tugboat!" My 10 year old says it a lot too, but Brak was first.

Hey I like them Wildhearts too, especially "Karma in the South".


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