Slash Turns Japanese

Seriously. Slash is probably the hardest working rock guitarist around. If he’s not lending his talents to any number of artists, he’s either playing live or working on his own studio projects. So, while Velvet Revolver is on permanent hiatus, Slash has wasted no time in recording a solo album with guests ranging from Iggy to Fergie.

The album itself isn’t due out until early next year, but a Japanese-only single has already been released, featuring Koshi Inaba, of Japanese hard rock band B'z, on vocals.

The song, “Sahara,” sounds more like Slash’s Snakepit than it does Velvet Revolver; it’s harder, faster, and not as glossy. Bonus strangeness points – Koshi sings the song entirely in Japanese. It actually took me a couple of listens before I realized there was a reason I couldn’t understand what he was saying.


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