"Radio Nowhere" and some other thoughts

I was in one of those chain record stores yesterday, and I have to admit a strange emotion came over me: I was sad. I remember in high school how much I loved going to the record store and looking at new releases and through the old stuff and spending my allowance as fast as I could get it, just buying music.

As I looked through the generic bins of this generic store, for the first time it really hit me that the record store is dead.

Old news, you say.

I know, but yesterday was when the truth of that statement hit home. There was nothing in that store I could even feign an interest in. It doesn’t matter where you get your music – from iTunes or a similar service, or even somewhere in the gray area of legal. The point is that it doesn’t matter what style of music you want, it’s a couple of keystrokes away. If I looked around a little, I could probably even find music by Miami-area rock bands. If I go to the Virgin Mega-Store, it’s doubtful they’d have any local music (oh, wait – the Virgin store is now a boarded up window front in the mall. Damn!).

I guess at this point, there’s nothing the chains can do. Maybe we’ll see record stores go back to mom- and-pop ran places that feature local music and hard-to-find items. I’ll still browse a used-record store, but before yesterday, I’d be hard-pressed to tell you the last time I was in a chain music store.
Moving on....

I also learned yesterday (it was a busy day for me) that UK newspaper The Guardian is offering for free download “Radio Nowhere,” the first single from Bruce Springsteen’s upcoming album Magic. The Boss’ first release with the E Street Band since 2002 is due for U.S. release Oct. 2.

“Radio Nowhere” is also available from iTunes, where for $8.99 you can pre-order Magic while you’re there.

Here’s the track list for Magic:
1. Radio Nowhere.mp3
2. You'll Be Comin’ Down

3. Livin’ in the Future

4. Your Own Worst Enemy

5. Gypsy Biker

6. Girls in Their Summer Clothes

7. I'll Work for Your Love

8. Magic

9. Last to Die

10. Long Walk Home

11. Devil’s Arcade
And if you go to Bruce Springsteen.net, there is more information about the record and the upcoming tour, which kicks off in Hartford, Conn., the same day the record comes out. No Florida dates scheduled....

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