Assjack - live at the Ground Zero Club

I was reading on the Culture Bully blog a few days ago about Chris’ experience seeing Hank Williams III live. The description – and I’m gonna ask you to go there and read it – is not what you would expect from a country music show. Typically, you’re not going to hear something like, “one female member was ripped from the pit after crowd surfing (wielding two cowboy boots as weapons).”

Then again, Hank III isn’t your typical country music artist. From Wiki: “The grandson of Hank Williams, Sr., and the son of Hank Williams Jr., he spent much of his early years playing drums in punk rock bands. In 1996, child support payments led Hank III to sign a contract with Nashville, Tenn., giant Curb Records. Three Hanks: Men With Broken Hearts was issued shortly thereafter, which brought the voices of all three generations of Williams men together. While this may seem to be a nice beginning, it was quite different from what Hank III himself desired musically. Despite having been born in Nashville, Hank III has never had a preference for mainstream country.”

Hank III’s live show usually follows a format of a country set followed by a hellbilly set, and then an Assjack set to close things out. The first two sets are with the Damn Band. When Assjack takes the stage is when your notion of country musicians gets turned inside out.

Which brings me to today’s post. After I read the Culture Bully post, I recalled that I had a Hank III boot that I hadn’t yet found time to listen to. So I put it on and went through the first couple of sets, then, finally, the Assjack set. That’s when all hell broke loose. Assjack is hardcore, no fuckin’ around, thrash metal. If you like that, you’ll like this.

I pulled the Assjack set from the show, which was recorded Feb. 27, 2004, at the Ground Zero club in Clarksdale, Miss. The quality is pretty decent – I'd say 4 on a 5 scale.

If there’s any interest in the rest of the show I can post it sometime in the future.

Had its Day.mp3
We Take Pills.mp3
Redneck Ride.mp3
Gravel Pit.mp3
Cut Throat.mp3
Choking Gesture.mp3
Punch, Fight, Fuck.mp3
No Regrets/Tennessee Driver.mp3
Rise to Die.mp3

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At 10:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's an amazing thing to witness (a Hank III show) and I suggest checking it out if given the chance. Thanks for the linkage.

At 9:30 PM , Blogger yardbird said...

THAT's the truth, Chris. I highly recommend a III show for those who are not faint of heart.


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