Circus Diablo

I gotta break off something new today. New stuff being, I suppose, a good percentage of the reason for MP3 blogging. With government radio as bad as it is, there’s no other place to learn about new bands.

I just found this album a few days ago, and have been playing the hell out of it. Circus Diablo, an “alternative rock” band from L.A., is in the same vein as Velvet Revolver and The Cult. And I draw that comparison with good reason: former Cult-ists Billy Duffy and Billy Morrison are both members of Circus Diablo, and current Velvet Revolver and former Cult drummer Matt Sorum played on the album.

However, “this band isn’t about what we’ve done in the past. This band is about who we are today and about letting Circus Diablo move forward into the future,” bassist Brett Scallions told DaBelly.com.

Along with Scallions, Duffy, and Morrison, Ricky Warwick (formerly of The Almighty) is on guitar, and Jeremy Colson is the touring drummer.

Some other quick semi-bio info, from Circus Diablo’s MySpace space:
Homegrown, Low-Key, on the D/L, call it what you will: Circus Diablo has been put together by three friends from the UK and is proceeding at its own, organic pace. No pressure, no world changing plans, Billy Morrison, Billy Duffy and Ricky Warwick got together to record some songs:
a) for the hell of it.
b) to make some fresh music for their I-Pods.
c) to damage their hearing a little more.
d) for a future planned album release.

Initially, the three of them got together in Morrison’s demo studio and just kicked it out. Straight rock, no bullshit. With no plans to do anything except write a few good rock songs, it soon became apparent that they had a chemistry happening. Three weeks and a bunch of songs later, they sat back and listened to what they had written. Powerful, solid, catchy as Bird-Flu. With Ricky's rhythms, Duffy's hooks and Morrison's far too many cigarettes and Red Bull vocals, they began to think about continuing this project.

Take two parts Cult, a pound of Almighty, a drop of Fuel and beat it together with a little VR tossed in for good measure: the end result is Circus Diablo. [sic]
Hells Bells (AC/DC cover).mp3 I can’t find the damn source now, but Duffy and Morrison played this acoustic version on either a satellite or Internet radio show.

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