Physical Geography

In the world of Led Zeppelin bootlegs, there seems to be no shortage of live recordings and information about from when and where they came. In shorter supply are studio outtakes and information about those. I’ve stumbled across a couple lately, one of which is the subject of today’s post.

Physical Geography is one of a handful of boots from the Physical Graffiti sessions. The recordings show works in progress: familiar Zeppelin songs with alternate lyrics, different musical accompaniment, or without any vocal tracks at all. It makes for an interesting look at what would come to be one of Led Zeppelin’s greatest albums.

The recording sessions for Physical Graffiti took place in January and February 1974 at Headley Grange in East Hampshire, England. The album itself was released in February 1975. The Physical Geography cover (to your right) is similar to that of Physical Graffiti, but the careful observer will notice a slew of differences.

Trampled Underfoot.mp3 (outtake)
Kashmir.mp3 (demo; no vocals)
Custard Pie.mp3 (alternate take)
In the Light .mp3 (alternate lyrics, with harpsichord)
Midnight Moonlight.mp3
Midnight Moonlight.mp3 (no lyrics)
The Wanton Song.mp3 (alternate take)
Take Me Home.mp3
Take Me Home.mp3 (alternate take)
In The Light.mp3 (alternate take)
Sick Again.mp3 (alternate take)
In My Time Of Dying.mp3 (working up; starts & stops)
In My Time Of Dying.mp3 (alternate take)

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Led Zep on a monday morning is always appreciated!

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Thanks for this it's great


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