"I Don't Believe We've Played This Barn Before" part 1

The White Stripes are wrapping up the first part of their U.S. tour with a show tonight in Mississippi. That show, in Southaven, to be precise, looks to be about as close as they’re going to get to South Florida. Not that I can blame Jack and Meg - it's hot, it’s humid, there’s “activity” in the Caribbean. Why come here? Certainly not just so I CAN SEE YOU PLAY!

While I sulk about that and about the storms that are no doubt going to form and come tearing straight up The Florida Turnpike, I can take consolation in the fact that my fellow White Stripes fans are out there, recording devices in hand (or pocket, or wherever), making sure we can live vicariously through their tapings.

This recording, from the Madison Square Garden show just a few nights ago (July 24) shows the White Stripes in full effect. “If there were any doubts that the White Stripes – consisting solely of guitarist Jack White and his ‘big sister’ drummer Meg – could rock out the cavernous Madison Square Garden, the duo erased them with their debut there,” commented Frank Scheck, writing for Reuters news service.

The sound quality on this recording is pretty decent – probably three to three-and-a-half on a scale of 1-5. Enjoy part 1 of this and I’ll post part 2 in a couple of days.

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground.mp3
When I Hear My Name.mp3
Hotel Yorba.mp3
Icky Thump.mp3
Death Letter.mp3
In the Cold, Cold Night.mp3
A Martyr for My Love for You.mp3
I’m Slowly Turning Into You.mp3
I Think I Smell a Rat.mp3
Wasting My Time.mp3

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At 11:50 AM , Blogger Chris said...

Thanks, was great to listen to! Was a great concert, can't wait to hear the live version of "Catch Hell Blues" again...


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