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I had intended to post something related to a post over at The Smudge of Ashen Fluff, but I don’t seem to be getting around to it. A couple of days ago they put up the audio part of the White Stripes’ June 18 appearance on the Conan O’Brien show. Jack and Meg played “Icky Thump” and my new favorite White Stripes song, “Effect and Cause.” During the latter, the Stripes sat in the audience, Jack on acoustic guitar with Meg accompanying him on tambourine. Awesome appearance. And the sound quality of the recordings is very good.

Moving on.

I was at the Web site for Churchill’s Pub earlier today, while I was supposed to be working. Churchill’s is about the closest thing Miami has to a hardcore, dive-ass, rock and roll bar and I was looking around to see if anything interesting is coming up. I noticed on their splash page, I think it’s called, a link to some live recordings by someone named Emily Easterly. I couldn’t link to it at work – we’re blocked from accessing any sort of “questionable” material, which includes audio downloads. Or even streaming audio, but I’m getting off course here.

The Churchill’s page described not her music, but instead said she was a “gorgeous redhead.” OK, so they had my interest.

While I couldn’t access her music, I could read the press clippings on her Web site. The Miami Herald said she had a “Chrissie Hynde edge to her Kate Bush laments” and The Village Voice described her music as “dark indie folk fading fast through gritted teeth.”

Curiously, Ms. Easterly still had my interest. When I got home I checked out some of her music - the live songs on Churchill’s site and some of the samples on her own site. If you’re in a winding down type mood, end of the day, having a drink and being mellow, her music works. I also like where the Seasons Never Change album title comes from (I’m going to make you find that on your own).

Her vitals: She grew up in Richmond, Va. and picked up her first guitar after hearing the Beatles. Emily graduated with a degree in classical guitar from the University of Miami’s School of Music. While still in school, she released two albums, Assembling Emily in 2001 and Cole the following year. Among the influences she cites are Cat Power, PJ Harvey, and early Liz Phair.

Now that you are acquainted with Emily Easterly, check out her music. If you’re in the right mood, you’ll really enjoy it. And yes, she is a gorgeous redhead.

Slow Motion Blink.mp3
untitled live track.mp3 recorded 2/18/2003 at Churchill’s Pub

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At 11:14 PM , Blogger Emily said...

hey there,
i just came across this. thanks so much for the kind words. ill be on tour in a couple weeks and headed back down to miami to play churchills on august 4th. if youre around, hope you'll make it out!


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