The Big One Year Party

The party’s already begun in Apt. 104: Champagne, supermodels, international celebrities – everyone’s dropping by to wish Licorice Pizza the best on its first birthday. A rumor circulated last night that a certain jail-bound heiress was supposed to make an appearance, but that hasn’t happened. Yet.

Seriously, my little blog’s actual kick off date was June 4 last year, but that’s a Monday this year and I have to work, etc., etc. I started Licorice Pizza without much fanfare, just a tentative test posting. I wasn’t even sure how to create links, so there was a giant learning curve. I’m actually still learning how to do things and I tinker with things little by little. The important thing is that I’m still having fun and will continue to blog as long as it remains fun.

Thanks to the people who tune in regularly and especially to those who leave comments. I noted when I started that there are plenty of blogs who never get read. While I do this because I enjoy it, it’s more enjoyable knowing I am sharing some of the music I enjoy with real people.

So... thanks!


My iMac is still down, so my repost post won’t happen – at least for a while. Maybe next year! Instead, I’ve got a live performance from Metallica. The show was recorded Oct. 6, 1996, at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, England. Several years ago (I don’t remember if it was before or after the Napster controversy), Metallica made available for free on their Web site recordings of several live shows. I grabbed three of them, if I recall correctly. This is the only one I still have all the tracks from.

Ironically, and I say that because of the Napster business, Metallica still offers several shows for free and for purchase at the LiveMetallica site. MP3 downloads are $9.95; FLACs are $12.95. There are probably a dozen or so shows for free.

“This is the next logical step in a process that began back in 1991 when we first implemented the ‘Taper Section’ at our shows, where our fans were encouraged to bring in their own gear to record the show, and then take home their very own ‘bootleg’ of the concert they had just seen,” Lars Ulrich writes on the site.

Irony duly noted.

This show was recorded during the Load tour. The setlist would change a little from night to night, but generally drew heavily from the Load disk. There are 14 songs on this recording, about two-thirds of what the band actually played, according to AllMetallica.com, which has a comprehensive list of Metallica setlists dating back to 1982. Regretfully missing are the covers of Black Sabbath’s “Symptom of the Universe,” and Motorhead’s “Overkill.”

Intro Jam.mp3
Creeping Death.mp3
Sad but True.mp3
Ain’t My Bitch.mp3
Bleeding Me.mp3
King Nothing.mp3
Devil’s Dance.mp3
Bass Solo/Nothing Else Matters/Until it Sleeps.mp3
For Whom the Bell Tolls.mp3
Wherever I May Roam.mp3
Fade to Black.mp3
Medley: Ride the Lightning/No Remorse/Hit the Lights/The Four Horsemen.mp3

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At 5:22 PM , Blogger Magnetic Mary said...

Happy Birthday! I'll have a martini WITH an olive, please...

At 6:44 PM , Blogger Casey said...

I'm one of your regular readers...and i've enjoyed your blog a lot.
Keep posting and be sure to load up on some plywood for the windows this season!
I invite you to drop by my relatively new blog (compared to yours) sometime!


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