Jon Cougar Concentration Camp

Jon Cougar Concentration Camp.
I mean, you say that, what else ya gotta say?

JCCC is / was a San Diego-area punk band, formed in 1994 by Chris Fields, Clint Graham, Travis Spatter, and Travis Milligan.

“There were a lot of people coming and going back then. We were just the four people that happened to be jamming together that night we came up with the name,” Fields (the band’s vocalist) said of their origin.

From the JCCC Web site comes this bio:
They played their first show at the Casbah on January 31, 1994. Less than two months later they released their first seven-inch EP on their own label. JCCC toured up and down the west coast over the next six months. Word of the band traveled fast and before they knew it they were releasing their first full-length album. They juggled drummers over the following year and when asked to tour the entire US, Dave Swain came in to replace Clint and Travis.

JCCC were a three piece when they signed to BYO Records. During a break between tours and recording Chris joined The Queers in 1996 to support the album
Don’t Back Down. Chris jumped between The Queers and JCCC for a year before bringing fellow JCCC member into The Queers as well. “I felt bad putting JCCC on hold all the time and leaving Dave hangin’,” Fields said.

They both did both bands for a while. JCCC even went out in support of the Queers on a US tour, and filled in for them in Italy. During the recording of JCCC’s
Melon, the band brought in punk rock legend Blag Dahlia (Dwarves) to produce the album. Blag was impressed by Chris’s talent and asked him to join the Dwarves. After being overwhelmed by all three bands, Chris left the Queers and ended Jon Cougar Concentration Camp in 1999. He played in the Dwarves over the next three years and still has close ties with them. Dave is still with The Queers. JCCC have recently played shows in San Diego with the original members.[sic]
The site also notes that as of late last year Fields was working with The Dwarves.

Two of these songs are Ramones covers. I found them on a 1998 release of JCCC’s version of Too Tough To Die (yes, they rerecorded the entire album). The other two come from the band’s site. I’m not sure what album they’re from. What I can tell you is if you like punk, you’ll like Jon Cougar Concentration Camp. Or, to again quote from their site, “Their attitude is like how you feel on a Monday morning and their music how you feel on Friday afternoon (in case you’ve got a job).”

Too Tough To Die (Ramones cover).mp3
Wart Hog (Ramones cover).mp3
Ain’t Been Drinkin’.mp3
Cold Piss.mp3

the sound quality on the Ramones songs ain’t that great - I know....


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