Next Monday ...

... will be a year I've been behind the wheel of this blog. It's been fun - getting into MP3 blogging has introduced me to tons of new music. If I've done the same for even one person, I can go to bed happy at night.

Off and on over the past few months, I've gotten e-mails asking for reposts of way older stuff. Stuff from back when I was the only person reading this blog. I've been pretty slack in doing those reposts and for that I do apologize.

Here is where I redeem myself. For my anniversary, I've decided to take repost requests. That's right - anything you missed. I'm also going to repost some things you may not know you missed (i.e. stuff I want to repost!). I have to ask that you get your requests to me no later than Friday, June 1, so I have time to get everything together.

thanks - and thanks for reading!


p.s. I'll be back later tonight with some music.



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