Countdown to Xmas - Day 2

Hurtling on toward Xmas. Last day at work for the weekend. Everyone off to spend time with friends, family, etc., etc. I was sort of bummed they didn’t at least spring for lunch at work today. No one even did any baking, although the way I now understand, baking cookies is not something Cuban women do. Ah well, what’re ya gonna do?

For Day 2 of my holiday celebration-athon, I’ve got a couple of things from Big Bad VooDoo Daddy’s 1995 disk, “Whatchoo Want For Christmas.” I learned just a few minutes ago this disk is currently out-of-print. However, all of these songs were rereleased on 2004’s “Everything You Want For Christmas” CD.

It’s Friday, Christmas Eve Eve Eve, or something like that. Mix up some Nogasakes and enjoy the Voodoo Daddy.

Christmastime in Tinseltown (again).mp3
’Zat You Santa Claus?.mp3
Rock-a-Billy Christmas.mp3


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