Charmed, I'm Sure

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m not much on new music here. For one, I don’t find a lot of new stuff I’m crazy about; for another, there are a lot of other bloggers who do it bigger and better.

The band I’m sharing today, The Charms, is not a real new band and the disk I pulled the music from is not even their latest. But I think this band is really good and not getting the mentions they deserve. Of the dozen or so blogs I look at regularly, not one has mentioned them (at least not that I’ve noticed). Of course that leaves about ten million or so other blogs that could be mentioning The Charms every day.

Briefly, The Charms are from Boston. They formed in 2002, recording a demo that got the attention of, among others, noted philanthropist Gene Simmons. The band recorded their first album, “Charmed, I’m Sure,” in 2003, getting some local and college airplay. A 2004 single, “Believe,” became “The Coolest Song in the World” on Sirius Satellite radio's Underground Garage channel. Since that honor, The Charms have been featured on several of the Underground Garage touring shows.

Today’s music comes from their breakout album “Pussycat,” which was released last year. But I think The Charms deserve a little more attention. Maybe I could be on the crest of a wave here....

Losing My Addiction.mp3
Gimme That Shot.mp3

The Charms official site, and their MySpace space.


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