Jackass (or The Slacker Post)

Today is gonna be a little bit of a slacker post. I didn't upload any music this weekend. I don't know how others do it, but for me, it's kind of an involved process transferring vinyl to MP3. And I didn't get it done this weekend. At least not yet. But I did go see Jackass 2, which is funny as shit. It's the only time I've ever been at a movie where people actually walked out. So, my review: two thumbs up.

For a long time I didn't know the Jackass theme was actually an instrumental version of the Minutemen song "Corona." I only learned that recently, and thought it was pretty cool. The song comes from their 1984 album, "Double Nickels on the Dime."

Besides being the Jackass theme, I learned from Wiki some other interesting stuff about "Corona." For instance, I did not know the song was inspired by a trip the band members (D. Boon, bassist Mike Watt, and drummer George Hurley) had taken to Mexico on the Fourth of July, 1982. Moved by the downtrodden elements of the area he had seen, D. Boon wrote a song in sympathy with the people of Mexico. The title comes from the beer of the same name. An empty bottle of Corona was lying on the beach next to where D. Boon sat when he came up with the lyrics to the song, hence the song's closing line, "I only had a Corona/Five-cent deposit."

It wouldn't be on the Internet if it wasn't true, right?

The Minutemen Corona.mp3

The Minutemen site
Watt’s Hoot page
Jackass number two official site
Johnny Knoxville’s official site
Bam Margera’s official site


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