Woozy Viper Speaks in Tongues

From Kansas, via New York, come the brothers Meseke. The duo, which goes by the name Woozy Viper, have just released their eponymous debut, an album of back-to-basics acoustic rock.

Don’t be misled into thinking these guys play peace and love coffee house music, though. From the album’s opening line, “I’ve got graveyard dirt in my mouth,” you know they’re up to something a little different. Without a doubt, there’s more blues influence than folk on this disk.

The brothers write with a sense of humor as well, with songs about King Kong (“He didn’t give a shit / Until some girl messed with his head and he wound up dead”) and hypocritical faith healers (“Slip out them blue jeans, get down on your knees / ‘Cuz, I’m gonna teach you, baby, how to believe”).

Check these songs, and then click over to Woozy Viper’s MySpace page, where you’ll find a link to download their album for free.

Speaking in Tongues.mp3
The Switchblade Swing.mp3

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