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What do you good people think about some hair metal tonight? It’s been months since I posted any; probably since my record player / computer connections went tits up.

I recently found this Ratt EP that was originally issued in 1983. Reportedly it is out-of-print, but thanks to modern science, nothing is too hard to stumble across. That’s the same logic that states that, somewhere on the Internet, a nude picture exists of each one of us.

Moving on.

The Ratt EP was released independently on Time Coast Records in August 1983. Up until that time, Ratt had been bouncing around the Southern California area, playing bars and clubs, gaining and losing members, and waiting for their break. The EP began to draw attention to the band from outside of So Cal. It contained the song that would help them break, “You Think You're Tough," along with a cover of “Walkin' the Dog.” Ratt's version of the Rufus Thomas hit was a nod to Aerosmith, who had included the song on their first album. The EP was a success, selling more than a million copies.

On Amazon, “Jessica” wrote a classic review of this album:
I sing the praises of this underrated EP all the time. Ratt's first record is a clumsy masterpiece of treble squall. The rare 1982 Time Coast, NOT the Atlantic remastered sanitized version, is the one truly acceptable version. It is the sound that mapped the Sunset Strip epicenter before it exploded into a moneymaking machine. “Sweet Cheater”, the opening track, is a starved, hectic dirge, barely three minutes long. One of the classic side one, track ones de metal.

Muddy production never sounded so good, and Stephen Pearcy – who is no one’s favorite frontman – for the first and last time in his life, sounds awesome. Dig the neighing guitar duel that closes “U Got It”, and the original version of “Back For More”, with Warren’s 12-string break. Can you even get this record on CD? I have the vinyl (enshrined) and the lamer Atlantic version cassette (half melted and sandy), but I fantasize that some hair head will re-release the Time Coast label version on CD, complete with the original super sexy black and white photo of the young men of Ratt on the back cover.
Awesome stuff.

Sweet Cheater.mp3
Back For More.mp3
Walkin’ the Dog.mp3



At 11:05 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks! I've never heard these before.

Ratt was an HUGE band for my high-school gang, back in the day...

Saw them in Grand Forks, ND once. The opening act was some group named Bon Jovi.

At 10:08 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

In my best Butthead impression, let me just say "Yes!!!". I used to have this on cassette and haven't heard it in 20 years. thanks for the trip down memory lane :).

At 10:11 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

I almost forgot, aren't there 2-3 more songs on this ep? Since its out of print it would be much appreciated if you could post those too :).

At 6:03 PM , Blogger aikin said...

matt - thanks! If I remember, I saw Bon Jovi open for the Scorpions one time. I never got the chance to see Ratt, though.

sarasson007 - if you see this comment, send me an email
e0a8198 at yahoo dot com


At 11:41 AM , Blogger jonder said...

I saw that tour that Ratt headlined over Bon Jovi. After playing their only hit, "Runaway" Jon Bon Jovi announced that the next time they came back to Tampa, they would be headliners. The crowd booed them. "Get off the stage, we want Ratt!" It was a great moment.

At 2:22 PM , Blogger Larry T said...

Saw the same show in L.A. LOL. THe links are dead, can they be reposted? Ive been looking for these for a while now. Thanks!

At 4:13 PM , Blogger aikin said...

@ Larry if you happen to see this...
I ceased operations on this blog awhile ago. Unfortunately I can't re-up anything as I no longer have a file host. I'm not even 100% sure I even still have this music, either.

I'm sure if you do some searching, you can find this recording somewhere. As I stated in the post, everything is out there somewhere. Good luck.


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