Into the Lungs of Hell

Barely a year after releasing the four-disk-plus-DVD box set Warchest, Megadeth is back with another career-spanning compilation.

Anthology: Set the World Afire is a greatest hits compilation – the third of the band’s 25-year history – and was released September 30 on Capitol Records. Anthology could almost be considered a mini version of Warchest, although there are a few tracks here that were not present on the larger (and much more costly) box set. F’rinstance, you get a demo version of “High Speed Dirt,” which was previously unreleased, as well as a couple of live tracks recorded in 1992 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.

According to Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover’s MySpace, the band is awaiting completion of a new recording studio in San Diego. “The new warehouse/recording studio is maybe 2-3 weeks from completion, and it should be pretty killer when it is all done, then we can focus on writing and then recording the next Megadeth record,” he writes. “Hopefully, this will commence sometime in October, so fingers crossed on that.”

The band also announced a couple of days ago on its official Web site that they will join the Priest Feast tour in February 2009, playing dates with Judas Priest and Testament. Right now, it looks like there are only European shows scheduled, but keep an ear out for future dates.

Tonight’s music is but a small taste of what you can blow your ear drums out with when you buy Anthology: Set the World Afire.

Peace Sells (live).mp3

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