Six Red Carpets

I thought I’d offer up something sort of new today: I got an email the other day from Italy’s Six Red Carpets telling me about their debut disk, Nightmares + Lullabies.

At first glance, this trio didn’t seem like the kind of music I’m usually interested in. It falls somewhere between pop and rock – kind of alternative, kind of not – maybe a little indie. But I found something in the songs on the Six Red Carpets MySpace that made me stop and go back for a second listen. The band recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced Nightmares + Lullabies themselves and it has a sort of raw, DIY feel to it. The music is instantly catchy. Singer Mills has a nasally voice that, for some strange reason, brings to mind the way Scorpions vocalist Klaus Meine sounded many years ago.

The album was actually released June 28, so it’s been out a while – the band working the blogosphere to promote it. They’re also giving it away, as part of a downloadable package that includes an e-booklet, a video, and a short story that attempts to explain the concept behind the album. I’ll let you check that out and interpret the meaning yourself.

In the meantime, check out these songs. If you like what you’re hearing – and I think you might – go the Six Red Carpets’ MySpace and you can get it gratis.

Fall Asleep.mp3
Here’s to the Nightmare.mp3

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