Hideous Barbie

I had some other stuff I was going to post, but I found instead something I think is great: Punk rock that is nothing but ridiculous fun.

I first found Rotterdam’s Hideous Barbie at Mohawk Radio.com. From there I checked around a little and found a non-functioning Web site and a MySpace they haven’t visited in about a month. So how fuckin’ punk is that?

Hideous Barbie have been together (assuming they are still together) for about three years. They had a cut on Skratch Magazine’s compilation No. 28, which probably came out just after the band formed. About themselves, they say, “We don't like long intros, just 1, 2, 3, 4, and GO. Buy (or download) our music and give it to everybody. Don't care about us, just like the fucking music!”

Ramon (vocals and guitar), Robert (vocals and bass), Markus (guitar), and Dave (drums) are the Hideous Barbies. There is nothing redeeming about these guys and I mean that in the best possible way. These are kids having a good time, playing Ramones-inspired punk rock. Close your eyes, listen, and think about the fun you could have if your only responsibility was to play rock and roll.

Beer Shades.mp3
Somethin’ Else (Eddie Cochran cover).mp3
Your Boyfriend is Retarded.mp3



At 2:13 PM , Blogger Hideous Ro said...

Whe are still together!!!

Thank you for the kind words.
You understand R'n R.


Greetz Hideous Ro


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