Gettin' a little Lustie

I thought I should get a post up so you all know I’m still alive here. The hotel where I’m staying in north Florida has a really slow Internet connection, so it’s difficult to upload anything while I’m there. I’ll be there again next week, and again I’ll try to post, but I can’t promise I’ll be able to.

I found the Chicago’s The Lusties last week while – slowly – moving around the Internet. I really dug the punk-pop (as opposed to pop-punk, which frequently sucks, as it says on their MySpace) sound of the band, sort of like Cheap Trick meets the Distillers.

The Lusties are a five-piece onslaught fronted by Ms. Edie Lustie, formerly of Austin, Texas. The band also features guitarists Larz Lustie and GT Lustie, bassist St. Michael “Gunther” Lustie, and CJ Lustie on drums. Yes, they’re one big Lustie family.

“Between us, we've probably drunk a beer that belonged to you,” according to a very brief band bio, “done a line that was intended for you, and slept with all your moms, girlfriends, boyfriends, fathers, wives, husbands, and daughters. We're not sorry. You probably had it coming.”

Earlier this month, The Lusties released their second full-length album, Cocks & Monsters. Their dotcom is down, so The Lusties are right now selling the disk through eBay. You can go there direct, or you can go to their MySpace and link to it through there. Either way, get the album. You need it.

High School Love.mp3
Soldier Boy (Shirelles cover).mp3
Break Her (live).mp3

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