The Freewheelin’ Pete Doherty

Someone certainly had their tongue planted firmly in cheek when they decided to call this album The Freewheelin’ Pete Doherty. There’s probably no one more “freewheelin’” than Doherty, from his 2003 arrest for burglarizing band mate Carl Barat’s home, to tabloid allegations earlier this month that he forced his cat to inhale crack. Yeah, that wacky Pete Doherty pretty much epitomizes freewheeling.

The Freewheelin’ Pete Doherty, obviously a play on the title of Bob Dylan’s 1963 classic, was recorded sometime in late 2004. It’s one of a half-dozen or so Internet-only releases from Doherty. Furious.com offers an interesting take on these recordings: “Pete Doherty's solo albums are more than just demo versions or throwaway pieces of music. They represent all that is right about his view on the world, past the ugliness of the drug abuse and tabloid attacks, and onto a more idealistic view of the music industry. In an age when many bemoan (with some justification) the commercialism of mainstream musicians, Doherty's albums represent his world view; a world view many fans welcome with open arms.”

I tend to agree. Whereas Unplugged seemed to be Kurt Cobain’s cry from the darkness of addiction, Doherty’s acoustic albums – at least this one, anyway – has the feel of someone comfortable with himself. I hate to say it, but maybe even comfortable with his drug use.

Doherty, in addition to everything else he is up to, is planning to eventually release an “official” acoustic album. He is also gigging occasionally with Babyshambles.

Conversation Diva.mp3
There She Goes (A Little Heartache).mp3

Visit The Albion Arks for downloads from the Libertines, Babyshambles, Dirty Pretty Things, and other stuff related to Pete Doherty and Carl Barat.

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At 2:09 AM , Blogger Donita Smith said...

Sorry this comment is off subject. I just saw Licorice Pizza on the list on my dashboard page and had to check it out. I worked for Licorice Pizza for four years back in the 70's in California. Fun job! How cool it was to come here and see that awesome logo again after so many years.

What's your LP connection?

At 9:57 AM , Blogger Fleur2Tiaré said...

Come to see my blog and let me a peacefull message!

At 11:31 AM , Blogger Mishi said...

I've honestly never heard of him prior to his tabloid fiascos. There seems to be something juvenile about his music, but its what makes it honest. That and you know its more than teenage angst.

At 3:35 PM , Blogger China said...

He always does sound a bit comfortable, but I still love the sound of him screwing around with a casual song. I love his voice and the laziness of it. Thanks so much for the links.

At 6:03 PM , Blogger Tony - FoodsForLife said...

You could almost hear the sigh of relief when Kate Moss dumped Pete Doherty and then a sharp intake of breath when she then shacked up with a vegan. He's not even a healthy vegan - a chain smoking vegan - what's that? Don't kill animals just people?

The girl needs feeding! - nutritionist London

At 7:24 PM , Blogger aikin said...

Donita - No real connection. I grew up in SoCal and Licorice Pizza was one of my favorite record stores. When I started this blog, I was more about posting stuff from vinyl, so choosing this name was my little way of paying homage.

fleur - thanks. I think....

mishi - After I posted that line about Kurt Cobain, I hoped people didn't think I was trying to compare the two. Not even close! I'm more or less a fan of Pete Doherty and most of his music, but lately he does seem a lot more famous for the mess his life is. And of course, I wouldn't even presume to compare his songwriting to Kurt's.

china - thanks. Yes, I liked the informality of these songs.

tony - I almost thought you were a spammer (just 'cuz) the "foods for life." I'm glad I took the time to read your comment. That's an interesting take. Rather than the vegan being a positive influence on Kate, I wonder if she'll be a negative influence on him?


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