"Singles" was on HBO the other night. It’d been awhile since I’d seen it, so I decided to check it out. It was cool seeing Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, and Jeff Ament as members of Citizen Dick, Matt Dillon’s band in the movie. There are also some decent short clips of performances by Alice In Chains and Soundgarden.

Mainly though, the movie is about relationships. Janet and Cliff, Steve and Linda, Janet and Steve. Which got me thinking a little about my life. Things like searching for the right person, how hard it is to find that person, and how hard it is to keep that person. Relationships are work, man. Sometimes too much, but you don’t really appreciate it until it’s gone. So, take a minute today to tell the person you’re involved with that you love him or her and make sure they know how much you appreciate them.

From the "Singles" soundtrack:

Screaming Trees Nearly Lost You.mp3
Pearl Jam State of Love and Trust.mp3
Alice In Chains Would?.mp3
Soundgarden Birth Ritual.mp3

The IMDB site for "Singles" is here.

Wiki has some interesting trivia about the movie (For instance, in one scene, somebody is seen putting a Citizen Dick poster on a pole. The supporting band on the poster is Stillwater, the name later given to the band in producer/director Cameron Crowe's 2000 movie "Almost Famous").


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