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This month has probably been the most prolific month for me since I’ve started this blog. I’ve blasted out 20 posts (21 counting this one) and cleared out my mailbox three times. By my own low standards, that’s amazing. I think I deserve a vacation.

Items of note for you to note: Amanda Zelina makes a third appearance on these hallowed pages. This go ‘round, she has released an album of gritty blues under the name The Coppertone. It’s very much in the vein of the Dead Weather. I’ve liked everything I’ve heard from Amanda and this is no different.

When I opened the e-mail from These Guys and read all the typical raves, “These Guys are the second coming, blah, blah, blah,” I almost hit delete and just moved on. Instead, something made me click the link to watch the video for “Pete’s Sweet Sixteen.” It is just auto-tuned, cross-dressing hilarity: “You’re like a sister to us, bro.” I can’t let you miss out on this.

In a similar vein are the Deli Boys, whose indictment of Sex & the City culture is neatly wrapped up in “P.R. Girls.”

And if you’re tuning in for some regular ol’ rock ‘n’ roll, try Shellshag, The Enthusiasts, or Tomorrow’s Tulips. You know I ain’t gonna steer ya wrong.

As always, follow the links for more information.

The Coppertone
Blues / Rock / Soul
From: Ontario, Canada
Band MySpace
Nighttime Wishes.mp3


Rock / 2-Step / Funk
From: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Band MySpace
Echka (I Like to Party).mp3

Punk / Rock
From: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Band MySpace
Crashing Rockets.mp3

Hip-Hop / Rap
From: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Band MySpace
I F*cking Hate Rappers.mp3

These Guys
Rock / Comedy / Grunge
From: Los Angeles, Calif.
Band Website
Pete’s Sweet Sixteen.mp3

The Enthusiasts
Garage / Blues / Pop
From: Ardsley, N.Y.
Band MySpace
In the City.mp3

Hot Hot Heat

Indie / Minimalist / Showtunes
From: Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Band MySpace
Zero Results.mp3

Moving Castles

Indie / Rock / Progressive
From: Tyler, Texas
Band MySpace
Wives (You’re Near Me Always).mp3

The Deli Boys
Electro / Crunk / Comedy
From: New York, N.Y.
Band MySpace
P.R. Girls.mp3

Thank God
Punk / Experimental / Jam Band
From: Columbia, Atlanta, Charleston
Band MySpace
Ice Age.mp3

From: Portland, Ore.
Band MySpace
Angel Eyes.mp3

Tomorrow’s Tulips

Minimalist / Pop / Shoegaze
From: Costa Mesa, Calif.
Band Myspace
Eternally Teenage.mp3

Pictures, top-to-bottom: The Coppertone, These Guys, The Deli Boys

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