Time to Get Out the Flannel

Soundgarden’s reuniting and the Melvins are releasing their 20th album next week. It’s starting to look like a good thing I didn’t throw out all of my old flannel shirts.

I just got an email last night announcing the June 1 release of The Bride Screamed Murder. Fortuitously, “The Water Glass,” which will be the first single from the upcoming disk, accompanied the message.

A mostly instrumental track, “The Water Glass” blasts right at you with serious riffage and heavy drums. About halfway through it takes a turn for the weird as the band breaks into a military marching cadence that sounds like maybe Adam Ant had decided to grunge it up a bit. It's twisted, but it has grown on me the more I've listened to it.

The Melvins are hitting the road in support of The Bride Screamed Murder, kicking off their tour June 1 in San Diego, Calif. Surprisingly */sarcasm*, I see no Florida dates on their schedule. To see if your city has been included, you can drop by the Melvins’ MySpace page.

The Waterglass.mp3

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