Down the Holiday Trail, pt. III

My personal little slice of Christmas spirit and why I’d prefer to shop online: I went this morning to a big box retailer, looking for two specific items and an unspecific one. I couldn’t find the two specific items and decided not to get the third.

While at the store, I was subjected to crowds, rudeness, and a couple of people who apparently decided it was more important to shop than bathe. I also caught sight of an individual unironically wearing full Ed Hardy gear, including a hat carefully cocked and tilted. That made me laugh, which made the whole trip worthwhile.

Enjoy today’s music.

Must Be Santa.mp3 ~ Bob Dylan
Jingle Bells.mp3 ~ Pearl Jam
Story of the Magi / Silent Night.mp3 ~ White Stripes
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.mp3 ~ Christina Aguilera
Santa Baby.mp3 ~ Madonna

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