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Even though summer never really ends here in South Florida, the Fourth of July is one of those holidays – especially when it’s part of a three-day weekend – that scream “It’s summer time!”

And there are a handful of musicians whose music always makes it feel like summer, no matter what time of year. Jimmy Buffett is one of those.

I’ve seen Jimmy play live probably a half-dozen times. After the first time it ceased being about seeing him play and began to be about the party. Before, during, and, if you can still see straight, after the show.

One of the more memorable times was about 10 years ago, at the Hollywood Bowl in California. Four of us checked into a room at a dive motel in Hollywood, somewhere within walking distance of the Bowl. The motel looked like the type of place usually frequented by customers buying rooms by the hour, but for this particular night, it was packed with Parrot Heads. The party started early, going room-to-room, trying dozens of variations of margaritas (of course).

A couple of hours before show time, the party moved the Hollywood Bowl parking lot. Everyone was pretty well lubed by then, but we hit a few tailgate parties and found people more than happy to share a beer. We even found some woman who was eager to share views of her newly enhanced breasts. Hard to beat that.

Once inside, we imbibed on frozen, watered-down, over-priced margaritas, with just enough alcohol to keep a mellow buzz going. The show, as I said, was more about the party than the music, but the music provided a soundtrack to the goings-on. Jimmy, of course, played the songs everyone knows – no surprises in the set list. He may have been touring a new album at the time. If so, he probably played a handful of new songs. By that point, it didn’t matter – it was only about having a good time.

Anyway, to me, Jimmy Buffett’s music always reminds me of summer, outdoor concerts, and good times. Happy Fourth!

Why Don’t We Get Drunk.mp3
and of course, the Parrot Head national anthem...

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