Funeral for a Clown

While the rest of the world readies itself for SXSW, here in la Habana del norte, we’re going to have a little festival fun of our own.

The Kryptonite Metal Rock Festival will happen this Friday, Feb. 29, at Tobacco Road (626 S. Miami Ave., 305-374-1198). More than 30 bands are scheduled to appear on four stages in and around Miami’s oldest bar. The party starts at roughly 8:00 pm, so it’s going to happen quick and dirty. If you’re in this area, you won’t want to miss a rare heavy rock event.

A couple of the bands appearing are Boy Prostitute, about whom I blogged last week, and recent additions to my ever-growing MySpace friends list, Funeral for a Clown.

FFAC is a quartet formed in Miami in 2005. They describe their sound as a “mixture of rock, electronic, and industrial elements (that) sounds aggressive, (but) produces an enjoyable dance beat that most listeners can enjoy.”

The band was in the process of recording its debut album when internal problems led to the dismissal of their original vocalist and their drummer. They quickly found replacements, but again had to fire their singer. Eventually, current vocalist Mike Debuc was brought on board, and the line-up seems complete. Debuc, bassist Noly, guitarist Alex, and drummer EleckttrusS are remixing and reworking the album, tentatively titled Here Comes the Clown and plan to release it soon.

For more FFAC info and shows beyond the Kryptonite Fest, see the band’s MySpace page. There is also a MySpace for KryptFest, where you can see a full listing of scheduled bands. I have another commitment Friday that I’m going to try to ditch early so I can make it out to see at least some of the bands.

These two songs are demos that are from Funeral for a Clown’s MySpace space.


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