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So why’d no one tell me this record is out of print?

I’m waiting yesterday afternoon to get my car’s front end aligned, reading Rolling Stone, and see a little article about upcoming Traveling Wilbury reissues. Both disks, which the magazine calls “long-out-of-print,” will be reissued June 12. Accompanying the disks will be a documentary, bonus tracks, and alternate takes.

My point, though, is that maybe I took the Wilburys for granted, or maybe I’ve heard a couple of the songs so often, I just assumed the albums were still readily available - possible even with a “best buy” sticker on the front.

But no. The Wilburys’ Vol. 1 and Vol. 3 have both been out of print since 1996, when the band’s license with Warner Bros. Records expired. Harrison hadn’t renewed the license prior to his death. Olivia, his widow, recently sold the rights to Rhino Records.

I’ve got some great memories behind the first album, which came out originally in 1988. It was on the jukebox at both of my favorite watering holes in the little California town where I used to live. I nearly wore out “Congratulations,” playing it over and over. I loved the sarcastic tone of Dylan’s voice and it went well with my life at the time. I pulled the disk out today for the first time in I don’t know how long and gave it a listen. There are - as always - a couple songs government radio has run into the ground, but most of the album is still fun. And I still love the tone Dylan takes with “Congratulations.”

Last Night.mp3



At 1:13 AM , Blogger Pete said...

Totally agree about the brilliance of these Wilburys albums. I have great memories tied to 'em too. My big one was "Last Night".


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