'Who Threw That Ham At Me?'

You wouldn’t expect anything less than quirky from the mind behind “Rock Lobster,” so when I heard Fred Schneider on the Howard Stern show yesterday, I figured I was in for something interesting.

Freddy didn’t disappoint. He was on the Stern show to promote his latest project, The Superions. After talking about Fred’s teenage years, how he came to form the B-52s, and whether or not he’d ever wanted to have sex with Cindy Wilson or Kate Pierson, Stern and Schneider got around to talking about The Superions.

The Superions came out of Orlando, Fla., in 2006, a meeting of Schneider’s mind with those of Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall. They released Totally Nude Island digitally in October 2008, followed a year later by “Who Threw That Ham at Me,” as a digital single.

Schneider was on the Stern show to promote the release today of The Superions’ new, self-titled album. The 7-track EP will be available on CD and limited edition 12-inch vinyl. It includes two new tracks as well as a re-release of “Who Threw That Ham at Me.”

As the title indicates, “Ham” is not your ordinary pop hit. The song is, as Schneider explained yesterday to Howard, a cautionary tale about the serious crime of shoplifting, set to a bouncy disco beat. It’s based on a story Schneider heard about a woman who was trying to shoplift a canned ham, only to have it fall out from under her coat. The woman looked around and, completely unfazed, asked, “Who threw that ham at me?”

Who Threw That Ham at Me.mp3

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