'Last Night On Earth'

I kinda-sorta remember seeing Green Day play live on some New Year’s countdown show a couple of nights ago. What continues to impress me is the power of the band in a live setting. While the albums have become increasingly grown up (I’m not saying that’s a bad thing – how many more songs about masturbation do we really need?), Green Day live are still the sneering kids we loved 15 years ago.

A couple of months ago Green Day dropped a Japan-only live EP, Last Night On Earth (Live In Tokyo), that pulls in some of that live energy and offers a brief career retrospective. The six-song disk opens with “21st Century Breakdown” and finishes a quick 20 minutes later with “Geek Stink Breath.” When I looked at the track list, I thought it might be strange to hear the new “adult” stuff alongside hits from Dookie. Funny enough, it wasn’t. It all fit together nicely.

Since this is an official release, I’m not going to post the whole EP. It saw release in the U.S. as an import last month, so I’m sure you can find the whole thing if you try.

Last of the American Girls.mp3
Basket Case.mp3

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