Can You Go a Little Deeper: AC/DC

In this age of iPods and iTunes and random singles, it’s unusual to sit and listen to an entire album. This past week, though, I’ve been in the mood to put on an album (OK, a CD, whatever) and listen to the whole thing. Call it random song burnout, but I’ve gotten tired of hearing whatever comes up on “shuffle.” I want control over my musical destiny.

One of the disks I listened to this weekend was AC/DC’s U.S. debut, High Voltage. I specify the U.S. debut, because that’s the one I have, and also because this version was actually a compilation of AC/DC’s first two Australian releases, High Voltage and T.N.T. Their Aussie debut release also had a much different track list than what the rest of the world would get. The album that hit these shores in May 1976 included only two tracks from the original Australian release, with the rest of its songs being pulled from T.N.T.

The track I’m reaching out for today, “Little Lover,” is one of the two from the original release that made it onto the international version. Typical of many AC/DC songs from this era, it’s a sleazy, bluesy romp about a groupie (“When the band said goodnight, I had to say hello”). It’s also one of my favorites from this album and one you probably never hear anymore.

Little Lover.mp3

(Can You Go a Little Deeper is an irregularly recurring feature here wherein I resurrect old favorites, lost songs, and other things you maybe haven’t heard in a while)

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