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Every now and then I’ll see a hit here at my little blog from someone looking for Tracy Conover. I can’t hardly blame you; Tracy is awesome and a fantastic musician. Unfortunately, all the links on that old post went to a host I no longer use, so they’re all dead.

Since I’m such a fan of Tracy Conover, I want to help spread the word about her music, so I thought I should repost some of those songs. And, because I’m a fan of Texas blues – and such a damn nice guy – I thought I’d also toss in some previously unposted music.

For the story as to how I met Tracy Conover, check out the original post. Her Wiki page has a very brief bio: “Conover started singing and writing songs at age 14. By 17 years old, (she) moved to Lake Tahoe where she majored in music. In 1987, Tracy returned to Texas studying voice, jazz, and classical guitar in Denton. In 1991 she moved to Austin where she played frequently and learned from many great players.” (Check out Tracy’s MySpace for info on how to get her new album, Retrospective 1991-2006.)

Very concise, if nothing else.

One of the guitarists Tracy hepped me to is a guy named Chris Duarte. I saw Chris play at a small bar just outside of Houston and was blown away. His commercial success seems to have been limited, but his skill as a guitarist was given the stamp of approval from Guitar Player magazine when, in 1995, readers voted him fourth in the “Best Blues Guitarist” category behind Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, and B.B. King. (Chris Duarte’s MySpace)

I’m reasonably sure Stevie Ray and Jimmy Vaughan need no introduction. To round out my selection of Texas axe-slingers, I pulled a couple of songs from the 1990 album Family Style. The Vaughan brothers recorded this album in early 1990, following up on Stevie’s longtime plans to work with his older brother. Unfortunately, this would be his last studio work. Stevie Ray Vaughan died Aug. 27, 1990, in a helicopter crash. Family Style was released the following month.

April 2010 edit:
OK, Blogger. I unlinked the songs at your first request. If you or whoever made the second complaint is too fucking stupid to realize that, well, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe if I remove all mention of the songs you / whoever can figure it out.

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At 12:15 AM , Blogger Mr. Natural said...

WAHOO! Yes indeed, she is HOT. Hey - like I always say sometimes - "If you can't bring bad-ass blues, don't bring nothin!" thanks for that, man...made my night.


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