Send In MOAR Clowns

Two back-to-back clown posts. Hmm.

Tonight’s music is a little different from my usual. It comes – as a lot of stuff has lately – from the MySpace. I got an “add” request a couple of days ago from someone named Pic. The profile didn’t look like the usual Internet hookers who nonstop spam me, so I checked it out.

It turns out Pic is a musician from California. He describes his music as “progressive / indie / rap.” That translates to rhyming over snyth’d out beats and trippy sound effects. I don’t listen to enough hip-hop to tell you if he sounds like anyone you would know, but I can tell you I’ve got no problem listening to his flow. I can also say he describes his sound as “birds, bees, and all things sinister.”

Right now Pic is unsigned, working on his soon-to-be-released debut, Welcome to the Clown Show. (See how the clown thing makes sense now?) There is no bio information on his MySpace space, but I encourage you visit him there. You can stream or download some tracks in addition to the ones I’m posting up tonight.

Pow Wow.mp3

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