Dead Weather: Bonnaroo, 2010

This will probably be my last major post before I cease operations here at the Licorice Pizza blog. That should happen at the end of this week. As such, I wanted to share something really decent I got hold of not long ago.

The Dead Weather played Day 3 (June 12) of this year’s Bonnaroo Festival, sandwiched on the “What” stage between Big Sam's Funky Nation and Jimmy Cliff on one side and Stevie Wonder and Jay-Z on the other. Kind of an unlikely, yet appropriate, slot for this unholy gothic blues quartet.

I’ve made no secret of mentioning that I really liked Sea of Cowards. I think the band and album are a natural progression for Jack White, moving forward from the basic blues stomp of the White Stripes. My only issue is that I would rather hear Jack on guitar than drums. Fans at Bonnaroo got a chance to see him do just that during their set: White stepped out to play lead guitar on “Will There Be Enough Water?” launching into an extended solo to end the set. When the band returned for its encore, Jack again took lead guitar for “I Can’t Hear You.”

Like every other year and every other festival, needless to say I couldn’t attend Bonnaroo. It sounds as if Dead Weather was phenomenal. Rolling Stone wrote, “Their set was a nasty reconfiguration of classic blues, ripping out everything but the floorboards and rebuilding a rickety, menacing house on top of them.”

I’m not sure of the original source for this recording, but the sound quality is as suitably great as the band. Again, my host is expiring in a couple of days and the individual tracks are likely not going to be available after that. The RapidShare file should be around a bit longer.

Forever My Queen.mp3
60 Feet Tall.mp3
Hang You from the Heavens.mp3
You Just Can’t Win.mp3
So Far from Your Weapon.mp3
I Cut Like a Buffalo.mp3
No Horse.mp3
A Child of a Few Hours is Burning to Death.mp3
The Difference Between Us / I’m Mad.mp3
Hustle & Cuss.mp3
Die by the Drop.mp3
New Pony.mp3
Will There Be Enough Water.mp3

Blue Blood Blues.mp3
I Can’t Hear You.mp3
Treat Me Like Your Mother.mp3

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