Outta Their Minds

While I was enjoying my Thanksgiving feast yesterday, I happened to hear a song so gritty and dirty it almost made me choke on my mashed potatoes. I immediately ran over to see what was playing and I’ll damned if it wasn’t the King Khan and BBQ Show.

I have one King Khan album and I had to let my dinner sit there cooling while I dug it up to see if that otherworldly slice of rock ‘n’ roll could by chance be on it. And yes it was. The song was “Outta My Mind” from the King Khan and BBQ Show’s 2004 eponymous debut release.

I immediately put the disk on and enjoyed myself some 45 minutes of psycho / blues / garage / punk / whatever you wanna call it, it’s great music and made the rest of dinner oh, so much more enjoyable.

In case you’re not familiar with the King Khan and BBQ Show, The band is composed of former Spaceshits band mates Mark Sultan and Blacksnake, aka King Khan. They both left the Spaceshits in 1999. Sultan went on to form Les Sexareenos, before reconnecting with Blacksnake in 2002 and putting together the band that would eventually become the King Khan and BBQ Show. The band released their third LP, Invisible Girl last month.

Outta My Mind.mp3

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